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The international association for osteopathy



The OSI association was established in 2021 and is a solidarity association, under the Law of 1901. Its aim is to provide Institute of Osteopathy of Rennes-Brittany students the opportunity to offer osteopathic care to local populations on a global scale, in various countries.

32 fifth-year students carry out the osteopathic consultations  over two weeks in the concerned countries. They are supervised during the mission by experienced osteopathic tutors, following the French training system.

Each intervention is made possible thanks to the support of local communities and associations.

In Lomé, the association Nos Mains pour le Togo supported a nursery and a medical center.

In Da Nang, through the functional rehabilitation center of the public mother-child hospital Danang Hospital for Women and Children.

In Ho Chi Minh City and Dak Nong, the associations Poussières de Vie and Maison Chance supported two rehabilitation centers for disabled people.


The challenges faced by the International Pole of the IO-RB

The osteopathic students' mission extends beyond a mere solidarity trip abroad. It is the starting point of international partnerships in osteopathy education and research with the International Pole of the IO-RB. For instance, following the Institute of Osteopathy of Rennes-Brittany's initial trip in 2018, the medical corps of Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh requested that the IO-RB train physicians and pediatricians in osteopathy.  Thus, Dr. Cam Van from Vietnam came to the IO-RB in September 2022 to learn osteopathy for three months.  An adapted curriculum is required for any osteopathy training project (per Decree N°2014-1505 of December 12, 2014).

Partner associations

Poussières de Vie


Poussières de Vie was founded in 2002  by Olivier Petiot and Patrick Désir as an independent non-profit organization. Through the funding and administration of a wide range of projects in Ho Chi Minh City and the province of Kon Tum, it seeks to integrate underprivileged people back into society. Poussières de Vie has gradually created new humanitarian initiatives aimed at young adults and ethnic minorities in the central highlands of Vietnam. Young children in precarious situations are educated and trained by social workers and volunteers from Poussières de Vie to offer them a self-sufficient and sustainable future, while young adults benefit from professional training and support when they enter the job market.


Maison Chance

Founded in 1993 by Tim Aline Rebeaud, Maison Chance is a launching pad for orphans, underprivileged, and physically disabled people in Vietnam. Maison Chance aims to rehabilitate and reintegrate its beneficiaries into society. It is characterized by the solidarity between non-disabled and physically challenged individuals, adults, and children who reside in this family-like environment. It offers housing, adapted medical care, education, and vocational training, as well as a place where underprivileged children and disabled people can study and work. "A man will eat one day if you give him a fish. He will always eat if you teach him to fish."  At Maison Chance, this proverb is put into practice daily.  It is composed of 3 units located in Ho Chi Minh City: the Home (which provides accommodation), the Take Wings Center (which provides vocational training), the Village Chance (which houses an elementary school and apartments adapted to disabled people), and a new Social Center located in the province of Dak Nong.


Nos Mains Pour le Togo

This humanitarian association has spent the last ten years traveling throughout Togo to assist the underprivileged in environment, health, and education matters. The Sainte Claire Nursery (orphanage) and the association "Nos Mains pour le Togo" have been working together since 2012.   In addition, it has helped build windmills, a school, a market, dry toilets, among many other concrete actions.



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Our team : 

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